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Majority track health with apps, but few share with docs
Apr 21, 2014 - The majority of people use mobile apps on a daily basis to track calorie intake and monitor physical activities, however only 40 percent share such data with their physicians, according to a study from mobile engagement provider Mobiquity.
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PCI, angiography study may help operators optimize radiation dose
Apr 21, 2014 - An evaluation of radiation exposure to a large population of patients undergoing PCI and coronary angiography (CA) may help identify methods for optimizing patient safety, according to a study published online April 9 in Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions.
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Continuing warfarin in ablations reduces periprocedural stroke risk
Apr 21, 2014 - Keeping patients with atrial fibrillation on rather than off warfarin therapy during radiofrequency catheter ablation reduced the risk of periprocedural stroke in a randomized trial. The results were published online April 17 in Circulation.
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Heart failure stands out for costly readmissions
Apr 21, 2014 - Congestive heart failure topped the list for 30-day readmissions of Medicare beneficiaries in 2011 and ranked among the top 10 high-volume conditions for two other payer categories in an analysis released in April.
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Misdiagnosis affects estimated 12 million a year in U.S.
Apr 21, 2014 - At least one in every 20 adults who seek medical care in an emergency room or community health clinic in the U.S. are given the wrong diagnosis, according to a study published by BMJ Quality & Safety on April 16. 
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High readmission rates? Look at location, not hospital
Apr 21, 2014 - Location, location, location. Almost 60 percent of variation in hospital readmissions may be attributed to the county where a hospital resides, according to a study published online April 9 in Health Services Research. The findings challenge Medicare’s use of financial...
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Report cites lack of interoperability as biggest barrier to robust IT infrastructure
Apr 21, 2014 - Lack of interoperability is the biggest obstacle to information exchange, according to a report compiled by an independent group of scientists advising the federal government.