Portal lets physicians review industry disclosures

Physicians and teaching hospital staff now have access to a portal that eventually will allow them to track and challenge data on financial relationships with manufacturers, as mandated under the Sunshine Act.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) made registration available on its Enterprise Portal. Registering, which is voluntary, will allow physicians and teaching hospital personnel to review disclosures on a “payment or transfer of value” by manufacturers of drugs, devices, biologicals or medical supplies and by group purchasing organizations to a physician or his or her immediate family.

The Open Payments program is designed to make financial relationships between practitioners and the medical industry transparent to the public. Physicians and teaching hospital representatives who register will be allowed to access, review and contest data submitted about them before it goes public. Medical residents are excluded from the program.

Registration began June 1 and in July registered physicians and staff will have reviewing rights. Physicians are not required to send information under the program but they are encouraged to keep records of the value of transfers with industry. CMS offers apps to help physicians and manufacturers track transfers.

To register, go here.