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Oklahoma State University Medical Center: CVIS Enhances Image Quality & Productivity

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Join as Connie Ryan, Cardiology Resource Manager at Oklahoma State University Medical Center shares how OSUMC was successful in enhancing their physicians workflow and in increasing productivity in their echo lab with the GE Healthcare’s Centricity Cardio Enterprise Solution (CCE).

Don Woodlock, Sr. Vice President and General Manager Cardiovascular IT, GE Healthcare will also discuss the technology behind its Centricity Cardio Enterprise solution—a web-based enterprise cardiovascular IT solution with unified imaging, workflow, analytics and reporting. A robust solution that can help cardiology departments and hospital administrators respond quickly to today's healthcare challenges.

Learn how Centricity Cardio Enterprise solution can help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Improve Physicians Access  
  • Increase Productivity  
  • Enhance Patient Care

Featured Speakers:

  • Connie Ryan, Cardiology Resource Manager, Oklahoma State University Medical Center
  • Don Woodlock, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Cardiovascular IT, GE Healthcare