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William J. Oetgen, MD, MBA, FACC
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The first stages of Choosing Wisely tackled less contentious issues in its successful rollout. Now it is time to step up efforts in ambition and scope.

 - William J. Oetgen, MD, MBA, FACC

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program, commonly known as Meaningful Use, began making payments to eligible professionals in May 2011. 

 - William J. Oetgen, MD, MBA, FACC
With the prevalence of metabolic syndrome increasing, the cardiovascular field has been challenged with educational and research opportunities to build awareness and learn more about this growing health problem.
 - Daisy F. Lazarous, MD, FACC
An important clinical link exists between influenza and cardiovascular disease. While no unequivocal causal relationship has been established between influenza infection and acute MI, influenza is estimated to be responsible for approximately 36,000 deaths and 300,000 hospitalizations annually in the U.S. Childhood and chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, in adults are risk factors for poor outcomes during influenza epidemics.

Healthcare reform currently is generating a great deal of debate. However, there are at least two points on which Washington legislators seem to have reached a consensus. First, providers will be subject to greater transparency and accountability. Second, once most physician practices are equipped with EHRs, the data necessary to drive such transparency and accountability will flow effortlessly across the various health networks. While the ACC accepts the first premise, those with a working knowledge of health IT recognize that the second will be much more difficult to achieve.