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Laura Pedulli
 - Blood Money

Biomarker testing may allay concerns yet provide little clinical benefit. Eliminating unneeded tests can save big bucks, one hospital has shown.

 - Artificial Cadaver

The wireless technology that allows implantable medical devices to assist people with heart disease also is a potential source of some of their greatest security risks.

 - Wexner

If deployed well, health imaging systems can mean improved workflows, more cost- and time-efficient processes, fewer costly referrals and better care. Two providers share how recently implemented health imaging management systems in their cardiology departments and beyond shaped how they deliver care and some of the challenges and benefits along the way.

 - Community Hospitals by Type, 2011

Concerns that conversion of hospitals from not-for-profit to for-profit status compromises patient outcomes appear to be unfounded.

 - Laury Jensen, RN, Case Manager

Case managers are proving to be allies in efforts to curb potentially costly withholding of reimbursement for heart failure readmissions.