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There’s a new executive taking a seat in hospital boardrooms across the country. Responding to ACA mandates that tie patient satisfaction to reimbursement, hospitals are recruiting CXOs to take charge of a patient experience mission that prioritizes the expectations of patients and families.

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Managing heart failure (HF) presents daily challenges for many patients. Reasons range from a lack of understanding about treatments to the inability to care for themselves due to symptoms.

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Some experts suggest FFR has a role in CABG because of its potential to spare patients a complicated surgery as well as cut costs.


An increasing emphasis on reducing radiation exposure has prompted a push away from the traditional rest-stress procedure and toward stress-first or stress-only MPI.

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A urine test may be an effective tool to detect nonadherence to blood pressure therapy, according to a study published online April 2 in Heart.


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The association between aortic valve replacements (AVR) and clinical strokes may be stronger than originally believed, data from a study published April 1 in Circulation suggest.

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Few asymptomatic patients with acute coronary syndrome who undergo PCI followed by stress imaging may actually need revascularization, raising questions about the benefits of stress imaging, a study published online March 31 in Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging found.


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ACE inhibitors (ACEIs) may warrant consideration as a first-line therapy to prevent death and cardiovascular events in patients with diabetes mellitus, according to a meta-analysis published online March 31 in JAMA Internal Medicine. The analysis found lower rates of mortality and cardiovascular events with ACEIs, but no similar effects with ARBs.

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Patients should not undergo stress testing after PCI unless there is a clinical indication for this procedure, the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI) recommends. SCAI issued a list of procedures that should be avoided in patients with or at risk for cardiovascular disease.

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Drug-eluting stents may be as safe a choice as bare metal stents when followed by a blood thinning regimen tailored to individual patients, based on the results of a research letter published March 31 in the JAMA.