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Jim Yanci
Market forces, healthcare reform and decreasing reimbursement for physician practices are forcing cardiology groups to evaluate long-term practice revenue. The clinical co-management model has become a popular method for cardiology group practices to begin exploring what a hospital affiliation might look like.

A current review of the news shows that hospital-physician alignment has captured the headlines and cardiology is leading the charge as the No. 1 specialty to have discussions with hospital and health systems. Driving this trend are myriad market forces.

Written by Jim Yanci
Myriad national healthcare market forces are impacting hospitals, physicians and patients across the U.S., including decreasing physician supply, reimbursement challenges, an increase in governmental regulations, pay-for-performance initiatives and a rise in the amount of uninsured patients. While these forces are uncontrollable, they result in varying pressures to physicians and hospitals as both seek to provide increased quality of patient care.