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David R. Holmes, Jr., MD, MACC
 - David R. Holmes 2013

Since the FDA’s approval of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) in 2011, improvements and scientific evidence have continued to mount.

 - David R. Holmes, Jr., MD, FACC
Transformational technologies bring with them challenges and opportunities. Upon development and introduction of these technologies, new strategies become available for treating a wider range of patients. Some of the biggest challenges are: what to compare it with; how to reimburse for it; how to train to utilize it; and how to integrate it into the practice of cardiovascular care.
 - David R. Holmes, Jr., MD, FACC
The term social media has attracted considerable interest. Opinions about the concept vary widely, a result of many factors including: the purpose by which it is aimed; the age, background and audience of the person either sending or receiving the information contained; and the specific format being used.