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Moderate wine consumption may lighten the outlook for patients with chronic heart failure but it may not make any difference in long-term outcomes, based on results from a large Italian study.

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A good boss may make the difference between a resilient and satisfied physician and a burned-out and disgruntled one, according to a study published in the April issue of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings. The higher doctors scored their supervisors, the less likely they were to report burnout or dissatisfaction.

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A systematic review of databases found that off-label use of the Lariat snare device for left atrial appendage exclusion was associated with adverse events, including death and urgent cardiac surgery.

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Patients who had a stroke while hospitalized for another reason waited longer before being diagnosed and receiving treatment compared with those who had strokes before entering the hospital, according to an analysis of a Canadian registry.

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Patients at high risk of cardiovascular events received equivalent care, whether from a primary care physician or a nonphysician, in a study that compared the effectiveness of outpatient care. But both groups showed room for improvement.