While 71 percent of heart patients are prescribed statins after hospitalization for heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral artery disease, just 37.4 percent retain that medication regimen a year later, researchers in Salt Lake City reported this week.

Owning a dog could be linked to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in single-person households and lower all-cause mortality in the general population, a 12-year study of Swedish canine owners suggests.

Soda taxes have recently been implemented by several U.S. cities as a way to generate revenue while curbing sugary beverage consumption, a driver of the nation’s obesity epidemic. But it turns out Americans were already reaching for a bottle of ‘pop’ less often.

Elderly people with higher levels of the protein CXCL5 in their blood tend to have clearer arteries, researchers reported in the American Journal of Pathology.

Only 1 in 8 people who suffer a heart attack at age 50 or younger are on preventative statin therapy prior to their event, a new study reported. And what is even more concerning, according to researchers, is most of the untreated individuals weren’t eligible for statins based on guidelines.