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Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is improvement for global cardiac health. Europe’s cardiovascular disease and stroke mortality rates have improved, but not unilaterally, according to a report published Aug. 19 in the European Heart Journal

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The Cleveland Clinic and the North Shore-LIJ Health System have agreed to a partnership that makes the 17-hospital system an exclusive member in an alliance with the clinic’s Cardiovascular Specialty Network.

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Compared with heparin, bivalirudin increases the risk of major adverse cardiac events but reduces the risk of bleeding to varying degrees in patients undergoing PCI, a meta-analysis published in the Aug. 16 issue of The Lancet concluded.

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A decade of efforts to improve outcomes for patients with acute MI and stroke have made significant progress, according to a study published Aug. 18 in Circulation.


Almost one-third of patients who visit the emergency department for acute heart failure will return two or more times within a year, results published online Aug. 19 showed. Could readmissions penalties exacerbate the problem?