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 - patient managment, blood pressure

Implementing 2014 hypertension guidelines could save lives and money. A cost analysis study found that full implementation of hypertension guidelines could save 13,000 people from cardiovascular-related deaths and prevent 56,000 cardiovascular events annually.

 - Doctor and older patient

Putting a stop to boomerang heart failure readmissions may require a sympathetic ear in the emergency department (ED). One pilot test has shown that it is possible to identify patients’ barriers to self-care, even in a busy ED setting.

 - Beer

Heavy may be the head after a hard night of drinking, but research suggests that heavy drinking may also increase stroke risk in middle age, potentially leading to a stroke years earlier than familial or other risk factors may suggest.

 - High blood pressure, hypertension

Younger patients with high systolic blood pressure may have a higher cardiovascular risk profile than previously believed. This statement comes out of results from a more than 30-year population study following Chicago-area workers.

 - heart attack

Sometimes, more isn’t better. Research suggests that myocardial perfusion scintigraphy and coronary computed tomography angiography may be bringing more patients with chest pain to the cath lab following a trip to the emergency room than is necessary.